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How to help our planet by playing a mobile game?

Games Converse is a violence-free platform for short mobile games that raise awareness about environmental and animal rights issues through the gameplay. Users can play any of the available games and unlock new games by accumulating or buying coins. They may also customize their avatar to look stylish and join a healthy competition with friends!

"Our mission is to bring hope and reflection on pressing issues such as deforestation, ocean pollution, animal cruelty and such."

Nielisson Mendonça - Founder

No intrusive advertisements

Because there is nothing more annoying than spammy ads!

Play = Help

50% of the net profit will be converted into donations to a NGO and/or an institution related to our campaign.

The Causes We Support

Every 2 months or if the overall goal is reached, we will be supporting a different cause.


The Games We Make


Loop Out

A combination of an Endless Runner and a Farming sim.

  • Farm Mushrooms
  • And run farmer run!


A fun rhythm-based puzzle game

  • Plant trees
  • Distract the crow and survive!

I Shall Recycle

A fast-paced drag and drop fun where you learn how to separate the garbage.

  • Take the items to the right garbage trucks
  • Manage all the trucks well to not lose

Energy Keeper

Be a cute robot who takes care of a windmill farm

  • Construct windmills
  • Be careful with the enemies
  • Save up your own energy

Read the Community's Reviews

Our community is created by our partners and the players who keep this project going and we cannot imagine a better future for our planet without them.

"These games and this mission are contributing to a better world - people having fun while learning about the environment!"
Samantha Bingaman - Environmental Social Scientist
"All our games are made with love to spread hope of a better future."
Nielisson Mendonça - Founder
"We couldn’t be more excited to see environmentalism & gaming coming together in this exciting and interesting way."
Joël Boele - Environmental Geographer
"I like a lot this project, because it can help the world while you are having fun with a game. Good luck!"
Camila Suarez - Gamer
"I finally found a system that brings together my two passions in life: ecology and video games."
Capucine Nicolas - UX Designer
"Playing video games, raising awareness on environmental issues, and helping NGOs...all in one app? A bold and full of hope project!"
Simon Lebey - Environnemental legalist
"Helping a cause has never been so much fun, thanks for the brilliant idea."
Cedric Mondamert - HMI Ergonomist
Ongoing Campaign

Let's reforest the Amazon rainforest with Black Jaguar Foundation

How will I be able to help?

There are free games that everyone has access to, and the premium ones that are unlocked with our coins. You can purchase coins or earn them by playing games, watching 3 ads per day, doing daily quests or sharing the app with your friends.

How to keep track of the donations?

By the end of each month, Games Converse will disclose the profit achieved and the donation's deposit receipt. Visit the Black Jaguar Foundation 's website for more information.

Why should I help plant trees in the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon rainforest is one of the largest tropical forest of the world, but farming has been one of the most important cause of its deforestation, and if it was not enough, Brazil's current gouvernment has denied the gravity of this matter by saying that there is no deforestation in the Amazon. Read more here


Thanks to our players for being part of the solution!

Our current campaign's goal is to plant 1 000 trees in the Amazon rainforest until the end of December of 2024.

  • Check the area where the trees are being planted
  • Learn more about the Black Jaguar Foundation .
  • Our last update (22/04/24):
The Team

Nice to meet you!


Nielisson Mendonça

Founder and Artist

Having been a vegan activist for many years, I discovered my passion for game design. This led to the creation of Games Converse, where I aim to merge my two passions. My goal remains unchanged: to effect positive change in the world through both my activism and my game development endeavors.

  • Game Designer
  • 2D/3D Artist and UI/UX designer

Eddie Piña

Partner and Lead Dev

Game developer for 6 years, I create video games and web applications, with over 3 years of experience in independent studios, available on the Play Store and Steam.

  • Lead Developer
  • 3D Artist

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